Sunday, February 14, 2010

Santa Claus Glasses

Today is the last Sunday after Epiphany -- the Sunday we celebrate the Transfiguration of the Lord. This event, reported in all three synoptic Gospels, is one of the BIG stories of the Gospels. Like the Resurrection which it foreshadows, the Transfiguration is an event outside common experience. In day-to-day experience, dead Jews don't materialize and clouds don't speak to us. How does a 21st Century congregation receive these BIG stories of the Gospel? Could it be that our commitment to an objective understanding of the world about us has robbed us of the humility we need to confess that there is transcendent truth which is always beyond our understanding? Join the congregation of Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte for this week's sermon, Santa Claus Glasses.

Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte, Kentucky, was built on the casting floor of a 19th Century iron blast furnace. We use "The Casting Floor" as an image for the power of the Spirit to form us. Visit us at

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