Sunday, July 24, 2011


Unfortunately, the recorder failed to record the first half of the service. Fortunately, I had a second service today. Unfortunately, it was at a nursing home with radically different acoustics. Fortunately, the recorder worked properly. Unfortunately, you'll be able to tell where the transition is. Fortunately, it won't make any difference because you love me anyway.

We talked today about how we constantly create messes that we can't clean up, so how is it that God's creation continues in so lovely a fashion, despite our constant bungling? We examine the question through Paul's (and Calvin's) notion of the elect of God. We played out the election of the children of the kingdom within our sanctuary, marking the elect with helium balloons. What kind of disruption would you experience if you went through life with a helium balloon? WOULD you do that, or would you turn from it? Join the Congregation of Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte, Ky for this week's sermon from Romans 8:26-39 and Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52, titled "Popcorn" by clicking on the title above.

Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte, Kentucky, was built on the casting floor of a 19th Century iron blast furnace. We use "The Casting Floor" as an image for the power of the Spirit to form us. Visit us at

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