Sunday, May 20, 2012

Deep Right Field

The Presbyterian Church of the United States confesses in the Westminster Confession:

By the decree of God, for the manifestation of his glory, some men and angels are predestinated unto everlasting life, and others fore-ordained to everlasting death.
Congregants are not often asked to deal with these fundamental questions of systematic theology, but it is important to know what your church teaches. The Bible is the story of the chosen, but what does that actually mean? Join us for this week's sermon on the frightening, dreaded topic of predestination by clicking HERE for audio or HERE for text.

Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte, Kentucky, was built on the casting floor of a 19th Century iron blast furnace. We use "The Casting Floor" as an image for the power of the Spirit to form us. Visit us at

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  1. interesting, Stew. . . .but I guess you already know what I think. One thing that struck me, however, was the lawyers view that one does not ask a question unless one already knows the answer. Really? The purpose of a question is to gain knowledge, not to "trap" the questionee. . . isn't it? I understand that during a trial, a lawyer may have other motives (to "win" for instance), but in general life, I certainly hope that questions are asked for other reasons.