Sunday, April 28, 2013

Offensive Grace

When Christians pause to consider horrible acts, like the Boston bombings, we are pulled in two directions. On the one hand, we are angry and we hunger for justice. We have been attacked and we wish to respond in kind. On the other hand, God has taught us that we are to respond to evil with good, blessing those who persecute us. Come see how this plays out within the context of Peter's initial outreach to the Gentiles of his time by clicking HERE for audio or HERE for text.

One other thing. Kathy's great aunt Bea, the matriarch of the Jewish side of our family, passed away on Shabbos. In her honor, I closed the service with the great Jewish prayer, Sh'ma Yisrael. My most contrite apologies to Cindy Harris for my abominable pronounciation.

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