Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hooked Up

We live in a world which teaches that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We often take that to mean that all opinions are equally valid, since we are ENTITLED to hold them. The obvious conclusion is that there is no such thing as truth in any significant context. Someone posted a picture of Donald Trump on Facebook with the caption, “Do accuracy and truth still matter on the campaign trail?” One of my more acerbic friends replied, “No. Next question.” The Bible contains accounts of people who are hooked up to the truth. Would our world tolerate someone hooked up to the truth? I rather think not.

Join the congregation of Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte, Ky. for this week's sermon, Hooked Up, by clicking HERE for text. (Due to technical difficulties, we have no audio this Sunday).

Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte, Kentucky, was built on the casting floor of a 19th Century iron blast furnace. We use "The Casting Floor" as an image for the power of the Spirit to form us. Visit us at

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