Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Trouble with God

Douglas Adams, in one of his hilarious books, remarked, "Who is this God person, anyway". Good question, that. English forces us into using nouns to talk about anything, and thus obscures the essential wisdom that God is not a thing, so the use of a noun as God's "name" misleads. When Moses inquired, he was told that God was Who I Will Be, or Who I AM. God is the way things are, and we would do well to pay attention when this God person tells us how to live well within His Creation. He knows more about it than we do. Come join the Congregation of Community Presbyterian of Bellefonte, KY for this week's sermon, The Trouble With God by clicking on the blue text.

Community Presbyterian Church of Bellefonte, Kentucky, was built on the casting floor of a 19th Century iron blast furnace. We use "The Casting Floor" as an image for the power of the Spirit to form us. Visit us at

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