Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Name

The Reverend Larry Paul Jones, teaching a class on Revelation, once reminded us that "Jesus ain't your fishing buddy." What he meant is that we must be careful to keep our place in God's Creation, as God's creatures, in mind as we approach the Sacred. This week, we focus on what our Jewish brothers and sisters teach us about this as we walk through the 23rd Psalm in our sermon, "The Name". Click HERE for audio and HERE for text.

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  1. Well, well well. I enjoyed this perspective. I listened first, then read it. I like the different take on the 23rd Psalm, but I still love it as a comfort to those who are about to make the passage to the other side.

    To me, reading this Psalm to those undertaking that journey is nearly as urgent as the last rites. With my father, as well as my step-Dad, I felt driven to pray with them and speak the words of the 23rd Psalm. I don't feel it's as relevant when it's part of a funeral, because the fearful time for the traveler has come and gone. Their pain and suffering is at an end, and they shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.