Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spin the Wheel

Suppose you were a first century Roman citizen listening to the occasional debates in the forum about religion? How likely would it be that you would hear very much about a religion followed by a bunch of heathens in Judea that don't even speak Latin, and precious little Greek? If you did hear from them, what would you hear that would be persuasive? I'm guessing nothing.

Non-believers today can easily dismiss the healing miracles, the Scriptures, even the Resurrection, but there is one miracle that always flummoxes me -- 300 years after eleven men hid under the furniture in a locked room, terrified because their teacher had been horribly killed, the Emperor Constantine sought Baptism.

The account of Jesus is outlandish. It is unbelievable. It is absurd. God became man and allowed Himself to be Crucified? Who's going to believe that?

But, 300 years later...

Click HERE for audio and HERE for text for "Spin the Wheel".

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